What is our definition of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a practice?

Our definition of an MSP is a company that takes care of ALL of your Information Technology (I.T.) needs, not just Microsoft Windows Updates and Patches. We believe in a comprehensive plan of supporting your software, hardware, cyber-security, network, HIPAA & PCI requirements, future growth and efficiency of your practice workflow. We become your trusted technology adviser by guiding you to efficient reliable I.T.. This reduces stress and makes your practice run more smoothly and profitably.

Our MSP Services include:

Operating System Updates and Patches

  • All Windows Updates and Patches
  • Patches and updates to your programs
  • Automatic updates and patches performed at night so your practice is not interrupted during the day

Cybersecurity including:

  • 24/7 Managed Detection and Response: Our algorithms are continually looking for hacker footprints in your systems. We assume they are already there waiting to attack and have a team of cybersecurity experts ready to intervene.
  • Anti-virus on all servers and workstations
  • Customized DNS filter (stop the bad stuff before it arrives) and we even create a list of excluded and allowed websites for your employees to visit.
  • New firewall/router with geo-IP blocking and other protection mechanisms to stop hackers from entering your network
  • Email with virus elimination before malware arrives in your mailbox
  • Email archiving so if ransomware ever hits, all your email is archived in a vault that is impenetrable

Disaster Recovery

  • State of the art back-up software for each PC and Server to your preferred on-site device and/or cloud storage
  • Cloud back-up to an off-site secure facility for your most valuable data
  • Quick recovery tools when disaster strikes
  • 100% support from us in the event of a disaster

Monitoring 24/7

  • All your workstations and servers monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Proactive notices automatically notify us I.T. problems
  • Projected failures of your systems automatically notify us before a predicted failure takes place


  • Phone and remote support always available and ready
  • Urgent support with a live person, email, text or ticket system available for your use
  • Tracking of issues the moment an event takes place
  • Quick resolution to your information technology problems
  • 24/7 engineers available to work after hours
  • Application updates

HIPAA and PCI Compliance

  • Support and implementation guidance
  • Training taken care of by us with verifiable proof for those pesky auditors
  • Security Risk Assessment with progress tracking
  • We provide the required HIPAA policies and procedures, compliance tools, contracts and more for your office. You can customize them or make them your own without modification.
  • We have a dedicated HIPAA portal to track all your required Business Associate Agreements (BAA’s)
  • $250,000 Cyber-insurance Insurance for your practice in the event of malware, audit or breach happens

Hosted Services

  • 24/7 Hosted Services
  • Amazon Cloud Back-ups
  • Hybrid or Full Cloud Services

Email and Microsoft Services

  • Email and HIPAA Encrypted Email
  • Spam and Malware Filtering
  • Microsoft Office 365

Review of New Services You Consider

  • Technology is always arriving at your doorstep. Some is useful and others are not. We help you evaluate the systems you are considering and the costs/benefits.
    • For example, let us say you are considering adding an appointment reminder service and you are comparing several of them. Odds are that we have already had experience with them and have first-hand accounts that can help you evaluate which is best. We provide the analysis at no cost to help you and even help you during your sales calls and implementation.

What does this cost?

It varies based on the size of your practice, your software applications, hardware, operating systems (e.g.: Windows 7, 10, Server 2016, etc.), your existing network infrastructure, cloud requirements, virtual private network (VPN), if there are problems that need addressing today, wireless technology and more. It is complex enough that we always do a thorough review of your practice before we provide a quote. Once we have performed your comprehensive no-cost review, we give you a simple flat price per month to address your I.T. needs.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

We have an I.T. company and we are just not happy with them? Do you provide a service to clean-up and fix our existing network and systems?

- Yes.

We have malware today; can you get rid of it?

- Yes.

If it is ransomware though, you may have to start over because the ransomware corrupts and encrypts data. In some instances, we have been able to recover data, but it can be challenging and is often impossible. For this service we would charge based on an hourly basis. The best solution is to proactively plan for this event before it occurs by availing yourselves of our MSP services. This is by far the best protection.

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s Managed I.T. Services benefit your practice by:

  • Creating a flexible work environment – allow receptionist/staff uninterrupted mobile access to medical records, software, and systems
  • Improving business continuity – regular network assessments reduce risk and keep your technology up to date
  • Strengthening security – keep data breaches at bay and avoid penalties by achieving HIPAA compliance
  • Improving peer-to-peer communication – get quick second opinions from colleagues you trust with VoIP internet calling

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