Rediscover the purpose of your healthcare practice

Problems/Pain Points

When you started your practice, you were powered by a passion to improve the lives of your patients. But as time passed, you discovered that managing a practice takes a toll on your personal and professional life.

Our Solution

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s Joy of Practicing Medicine program will help you reexamine your practice and rediscover why you went into medicine in the first place. We’ll help you get back to focusing on your patients instead of getting distracted with administrative tasks or computer problems.

“The patient documentation solution has given me back my life. My attention is no longer divided between computer input and patient care. I can now give my patients undivided attention when I see them. This has resulted in better patient education and comprehension, patient compliance and improved rapport. I have lunches and go home on time, with freed-up weekends.”

— J. William Donohoe

Our Joy of Practicing Medicine program can help you to:

  • Increase productivity by 5–15%
  • Direct 100% of your attention to patient care instead of balancing it between your EMR and the patient
  • Substantially reduce same day callbacks from patients who just visited your office
  • Enjoy regular lunches and leave your facility on time after seeing your last patient
  • Stop spending late nights and weekends catching up on documentation

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