Cloud Services

Accelerate updates and sharing of patient-related data

Problems/Pain Points

Your practice needs a more powerful system to handle the thousands of patient records that move through your network. And it needs to be secure, easy to access, cost-efficient, and available at all hours.

Our Solution

Cloud Services from DR I.T. HELP LLC gives you easy access to your software, files, and systems via the internet, where they can be updated in real time, totally protected by our experts, and accessible 24 hours a day.

Our Cloud Services offering lets you choose from different models:

Public cloud

Private cloud

Community cloud

Hybrid cloud

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s Cloud Services help you to:

  • Improve storage and sharing security – send, receive, and access patient-related data from anywhere with safety and compliance
  • Increase staff productivity – save time with applications and data that are accessible by any authorized users
  • Enable mobility – free your staff from their desk and empower them to work anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure scalability – our pay-for-what-you-need model lets you scale up or down as much as you want, anytime
  • Tailor networks on the cloud – SD-Wan and security operations centers ensure network security even with public cloud-hosted patient applications

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