Protect your medical practice from hackers and malware

Problems/Pain Points

If you are like most healthcare businesses, chances are you have adopted EHR hardware and software. One thing to be aware of is that EHRs without security protocols are vulnerable to cyber attack, which means you need our services to protect your patients data, your reputation as a practice and financial well-being that one single email with ransomware can devastate in an instant.

Our Solution

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s CyberSecurity service protects your systems and network from hackers and malware using unparalleled state-of-the art Next Generation machine learning/kernel post infection based anti-virus. Developed by Israeli Cyber Warfare experts, we stop ransomware even if it gets installed on all of your workstations and servers - making it harmless in real-time while it tries to attack. You no longer need to worry about ransomware deleting your data. We also provide ongoing training and education so your staff can identify and stop even the most devious social engineering attempts. By combining CyberSecurity, training and our HIPAA Compliance service (for health/dental care only), you can rest assured that your business will be safe from nearly any online threat, and in the event it happens you have $250,000 of HIPAA Cybersecurity Insurance.

“We have become so dependent upon our computer systems and internet access that it is paramount to be on top of the information management. One day of down time is so disruptive to business operations. What would one week or month look like? We never want to know and feel confident we never will.
I am very satisfied with the services provided by Dr. IT Help. ”

— J. Marc Haney

Our CyberSecurity service protects your practice from:

Malware and ransomware


Phishing attacks

Encryption blind spots

Non-work related websites

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s CyberSecurity service includes:

  • 24/7 Managed Detection and Response: Our algorithms are continually looking for hacker footprints in your systems. We assume they are already there waiting to attack and have a team of cybersecurity experts ready to intervene
  • Antivirus and antispam software
  • Customized DNS filter (stop the bad stuff before it arrives) and we even create a list of excluded and allowed websites under your control
  • New firewall/router with geo-IP blocking and other protection mechanisms to stop hackers from entering your network
  • Email archiving so if ransomware ever hits, all your email is archived in a vault that is impenetrable
  • Back-ups for Data Recovery locally and/or offsite

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