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Get the right technology to address your unique challenges

Problems/Pain Points

Is your practice taking advantage of the right technology? Can you rely on your IT support provider to respond to issues within minutes? If you find yourself working after hours every day to catch up on administrative tasks then the answer is no.

Our Solution

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s IT Support & Consulting ensures that you avoid pitfalls when purchasing EMR software, practice management solutions, or online patient portals. And if issues do occur, you will have a technology STAT team ready to provide prompt support.

“In a matter of weeks, DR I.T. HELP LLC had new hardware in place and my system transferred over. Then we implemented new high-tech solutions for redundancy, reliability and performance. My software now runs extremely fast and is rock-solid stable.”

— Dr. Clifford Langlois, DDS

DR I.T. HELP LLC’s IT Support & Consulting helps you implement the right technology by:

  • Educating your staff – train your staff on proper and safe use of technology
  • Rolling out gradually – avoid downtime and ensure employee productivity
  • Identifying pain points – thoroughly assess your network to isolate challenges and address them promptly
  • Putting patients first – deploy and provide resources to educate your patients on the benefits of new technology

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