Are your computer systems frustrating you? Are you experiencing less than stellar I.T. support? Would you like to call a computer expert as often as needed and not be charged per call? Do you need to be certain your back-up and cybersecurity systems are reliable and robust? Have you mostly ignored government mandates like HIPAA or CMMC and need to easily address the requirements?

If so, we have over 30 years’ experience providing I.T. support to practices just like yours. We have a 15 minute or less guaranteed response time and we are able to walk into your practice and understand everything you are going through right away.

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John Wilcox

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3 Reasons to Choose DR I.T. HELP LLC
to Support Your Computer Network


Over 30 years of health and dental care I.T. experience. The guidance we provide is drawn from real-world experience taking care of practice I.T. systems. This gives you an unparalleled resource when system questions arise.


HIPAA Compliance with a phenomenal history. We deliver an affordable painless HIPAA compliance program that includes training, the required federal policies and procedure documents, required security risk assessment, cybersecurity and sexual harassment training for your staff, and dark web monitoring for your email accounts and domain.


We GUARANTEE that if you ever get ransomware, we will help you restore your network for FREE! We can do this because we have a 24 hour / 7 day per week / 365 day per year staffed Security Operations Center (SOC), that monitors each of your PC’s and Servers. If ransomware is accidently downloaded by your users or introduced into your network by criminals, cybersecurity experts work to isolate and contain the threat it within minutes.

See what other practice owners are saying about us…

Established Dental Practice Experience

After operating a private dental practice for nearly 30 years, much has changed with the power of exponential computing in terms of patient information management, insurance billing, and digital technology from diagnosing, to treatment planning and execution of dental care. Along with this, there have been increased regulatory requirements for protection of patient information (HIPAA), and an increase in nefarious threats from cyber thieves and hackers. Dr. I.T. Help has managed my information technology for the past 15 years. From integration of a 3D imaging system, to firewall protection, DR I.T. Help has been on top of and ahead of changes that face the industry. We have become so dependent upon our computer systems and internet access that it is paramount to be on top of the information management. One day of down time is so disruptive to business operations. What would a week or month look like? We never want to know and feel confident we never will.

J. Marc Haney, DDS, MS

My Computer Systems and Network Rocks!

I approached DR I.T. Help LLC to remedy my computer issues. I had a previous "computer guy" that had been trying to update my system for two years. I was getting nowhere with unreliable hardware, software and service. In a matter of weeks, DR I.T. Help had new hardware in place and my system transferred over. Then we implemented new high-tech solutions for redundancy, reliability and performance. My software now runs extremely fast and is rock solid stable. Back-ups run automatically and notify me by e-mail of daily success and perform off-site replication as well. I have daily confirmation of secure and reliable backup, which give me security and peace of mind. DR I.T. Help has been accessible, attentive and very responsive. I am thrilled with what they have done for the practice and highly recommend their services. I am now proud to say, ‘MY COMPUTER SYSTEM ROCKS!’

Dr. Clifford Langlois

Our Client Got Ransomware - $30,000 In Ransom Demand Ignored!

We have enlisted the assistance of DR I.T. Help LLC for a variety of technical and consulting jobs. Their commitment to completing a task on time and with expertise is something we have come to count on when stress levels are high. For example, we had a client who had poor I.T. staff and allowed ransomware to infect their practice without verified back-ups. With two days left on the demand to pay $30,000 to the criminals, we called in DR I.T. Help and asked if they could help? They managed to resurrect all the medical data, even though they warned us it might be a futile attempt. We highly recommend them!

Joe Olney, President Medvantec

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