With over 30 years in dental and healthcare I.T., our staff knows practices. We understand the challenges and needs you face daily.

You Can Expect:

  • 15 Minute Response (or Faster) To Your Support Calls.
  • Cybersecurity Service Using Military-Grade Solutions That End Ransomware Concerns - GUARANTEED!
  • Microsoft Updates and Patches Take Place After-Hours So You Can Work.
  • Automated Back-ups Keep Your Systems Protected
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions When Earthquakes Or Floods Take Place
  • Painless HIPAA Compliance!
  • Hardware Support!


Your time is too valuable to deal with the I.T. systems. Practices are always more profitable focusing on patient care and allowing us to handle the multitude of tasks it takes to properly protect your I.T. environment. Your practice depends on robust I.T. and failure in your infrastructure cannot be acceptable. The costs in lost revenue far exceed our charge for proactive service. By contrast, restoring a network after a devastating I.T. event can cause staggering disruption to patient care and cost the practice considerably.