About Us

Making the complex easy

DR I.T. HELP LLC is a specialized medical/dental IT consulting firm known for reliability, responsiveness, and networking expertise, with experience in improving practice workflows through automation. We have been able to establish long-term relationships with doctors because of our technologies, work ethic and determination to make our clients more successful.

We also believe in the utmost accessibility and it drives our round-the-clock services that reduce inconveniences and downtime for our clients. We do this by using cutting edge state of the art technology that protects your I.T. infrastructure 24/7. If you are looking for solid, reliable networking services and IT support, you can count on us to have your back.


I would like to endorse DR I.T. HELP LLC

“After operating a private dental practice for nearly 30 years, much has changed with the power of exponential computing in terms of patient information management, insurance billing, and digital technology from diagnosing, treatment planning, to execution of dental care.

Along with this, there have been increased regulatory requirements for protection of patient information (HIPAA), and an increase in nefarious threats from cyberthieves and hackers.

DR I.T. HELP LLC has managed my information technology for the past 15 years. From integration of a 3D imaging system to firewall protection, DR I.T. HELP LLC has been on top of and ahead of changes that face the industry.

We have become so dependent upon our computer systems and internet access that it is paramount to be on top of the information management. One day of down time is so disruptive to business operations. What would one week or month look like? We never want to know and feel confident we never will.

I am very satisfied with the services provided by DR I.T. HELP LLC.”

— J. Marc Haney, DDS, MS