My Computer Systems and Network Rocks!

I approached DR I.T. Help LLC to remedy my computer issues. I had a previous "computer guy" that had been trying to update my system for two years. I was getting nowhere with unreliable hardware, software and service. In a matter of weeks, DR I.T. Help had new hardware in place and my system transferred over. Then we implemented new high-tech solutions for redundancy, reliability and performance. My software now runs extremely fast and is rock solid stable. Back-ups run automatically and notify me by e-mail of daily success and perform off-site replication as well. I have daily confirmation of secure and reliable backup, which give me security and peace of mind. DR I.T. Help has been accessible, attentive and very responsive. I am thrilled with what they have done for the practice and highly recommend their services. I am now proud to say, ‘MY COMPUTER SYSTEM ROCKS!’

Dr. Clifford Langlois